Happy New Year - here are my 2017 plans!

Happy New Year I hope everyone has had a fabulous festive season.
It's my birthday on Friday (6th) and me and Oli are off to Dublin for a couple of days.
This last year has been a crazy one, and new years eve at Abi and Dans was something else, our last Journalism new years eve together and we all went completely insane. The drinks were flowing and we counted in the new year all together which was amazing.
I recently, well today, passed my driving theory test so I am hopefully well on my way to finally completing my driving test. I think once I have acheived my dream of travelling arround Europe I will look into getting a car, depending on where I choose to do my masters. Hopefully this year will be the year of achieving things that I have wanted to acheive for many years. This brings me on to my new years resolutions.
My new years resolutions:
1. Go Vegetarian.
2. Pass my driving test.
3.Meditate each day.
4. Pass my degree with at least a 2:1.

pastel pastel - playlist + pins.

Pastels. I love them.
They look good enough to eat, always look sweet and on hair, makeup, clothes and even exteriors they can be worked. Pastel hair is somthing that I LOVE at the moment, and pastel purple lipstick is somthing that I have been working into my daily look.

Summer is here and I'm looking forward to:
1. My holiday in Mauritius.
2. Starting my new job at Costa.
3. Starting my third year at uni.

I have moved into my new flat in Bristol for third year with my two friends Zoe and Ffion, in Cotham/Stokes croft area and I love it. I can't wait to sample more of the culture around the area, for example Meat Liquor and Pocos. I'm excited to have more time to spend on my art, photography and sewing.

Currently this summer I've enjoyed going to El Dorado festival, and T in the park, although I haven't posted much on here recently, I hopefully will keep you guys more up to date!


Blossoms - Honeysweet
Big Wild - Aftergold
Bob Marley - Sun is shining (Yes king remix)
Ninetoes- Finder
CHIC - Le Freak

fire bright - playlist + pins

It was starting to get summery and pretty outside the other day so that means only one thing. Glitter, ciders, fun in the sun and parties with friends. But for now, as it continues to pour with rain, lets just admire these pretty glittery looks, and listen to upbeat summery music.

Feauturing: Jewels for Ghouls: Rhinestone Multi-Chain Choker/Necklace by Flamant of Rome. $385.
glitter fade by Glasgow-based hair stylist Fallon Carberry.


Light it up - Major Lazer (ft. Nyla)
All my friends - Snakehips
Roses - chainsmokers ft.Rozes (King arthur remix)
Paloma Faith - Ready for the good life (Jax Jones remix)
SNBRN - Raindrops (Hotel Garuda remix)

Cheddar / Priddy / Sidcot

I'm currently back home in Tickenham in Somerset, for Easter. My family and I went out for a pub lunch today and I used that as an excuse to take some beautiful photos of the villages in Somerset where I've grown up. 

I've always been proud of my West country roots. Cider, farms, cheddar cheese and festivals are what we are famous for, and that's why I never really wanted to travel too far away from home for uni.

Here are some pictures that I took today, in the dark rainy and beautiful Somerset countryside.

death of the weekend

So recently my friend told me he wanted to make a mini documentary about the death of the weekend. By this, he means how recently the weekend just doesn't seem to bring with it the excitement and sense of joy that it did when we were younger. So this is me just rambling.

Weekends to me are a time for students to spend ten hours a day in a part time job, and those who aren't students and who work all week to let off some steam. And, because there are only two days on the weekend for most people in full time employment to let loose, students are wise enough not to venture anywhere near a bar on a Friday or Saturday. Well, unless they want to be met with an overcrowded, hot, sticky atmosphere where you can't hear anyone talk and can't be bothered to move or dance in case you lose your seat/bag/friends. A lot of clubs have the best and cheapest nights on a weekday, and most students would rather go out on a Thursday than a Friday.

To be in a job that means that the weekend is all I look forward too, would be the worst thing for me. I love my course at uni, I'm super passionate about it and I look forward to each week where I spend each day at uni, and hopefully I will get a job that I love equally. My mum for example loves her job, a Hairdresser. And I know some of my friends who really love what they do, but my Dad once told me that one of his only regrets was choosing a job for money, not for what he really wanted to do.

However with working at the weekend, when I've been at uni all week, you do start to feel like you never have any time for yourself. When I work at my other job (yes, I have two jobs) I really don't look forward to having to stay until close, clean everything up and go back to my flat on the wrong side of midnight, having done nothing I want with my day. (but I do get amazing pizza to take home).

For those people who do enjoy their weekends, I'm happy for you, I truly am. But, I hope that you don't live only for the weekend, counting down the days until Friday. Life should be enjoyed and not something we wish would rush past us without even realising.

I may sound pissed off, but don't get me wrong, I am very grateful. I'm at university, I have two jobs, a lovely group of friends and family and an amazing boyfriend but what I don't have, ever, is that elusive so called "Friday feeling". 


Spike Island.

This fun little exhibition was in order to raise money for the fine art 3rd year degree show, and was a BYOB event so of course I got slightly tipsy!
The evening featured music, spoken word and poetry as well as art work from a number of different artists. I especially enjoyed the variation of different platforms of art, as I am a big fan of expressing yourself in any way you can.

Ffion Haf

Fern Bradie/ Anika Deb


Superfoods Bristol. 21st January.

On Thursday the 21st of January, Superfoods on Park street, the store that pretty much does what it says on the tin, hosted an evening aimed at women featuring samples, makeovers and drinks. I went along with two off my friends to see what it was all about.

When we arrived we were greeted with a glass of champagne, and we then continued to look round the event. We were introduced to lots of different health foods and drinks, the first being "Tapped" which is birch water, as in water from trees! We sampled some of this which was tasty, then continued round the event where we were introduced to Lucy Bee's coconut oil and all the recipes and beauty products you can create with this versatile product!

We then grabbed some peach belinis from the downstairs bar, and carried on looking round the makeup sections. We made our own facemasks, and then queued up to get our nails done, although the queue was so long we gave up! By that time we had had our fair share of free glasses of champagne so we decided to buy some healthy treats from Superfoods, grabbed our goodie bags and headed off.



went to bagel boy the other day for the first time and it was fab.

We headed to the one in the city centre, although I live near one on Gloucester Road too! 
I had a Serrano ham, pesto sauce bagel with a drink and a cookie for FIVE pounds! Me and Naomi also shared parmesan chips. The restaurant was super busy so we had to wait a while for our food, but that just goes to show how popular it is.
From the outside

 The bagels were warm, toasty and comforting and the restaurant was decorated in a cool minimalistic style with wooden benches and tables, and the menu written on a chalk board by the bar, and you could also use the little paper menus from the bar. The only bad thing was that because it was so busy, we had to wait a little while for our food and the seating wasn't too comfy. And I was starving. The chips were tasty, crispy and I loved the parmesan on top, a combo I'd never tried before. 

Bagel Boy! 

3/5 Stars. 


Day 1 // Saturday.
 we arrived at our hotel, the three corners Bristol hotel ( coincidence of a name there!) dropped off our bags and headed out. It was pretty late when we arrived so we wanted to head out and get drunk straight away. We went to Szimpla Kert, an amazing ruin bar with a really cool boho vibe that my housemates recommended. The drinks are litterally like 70p everywhere. After Szimpla we met some locals that took us to another ruin bar/club place called Fogasház that played some really good techno music.

Day 2 // Sunday.
We woke up and enjoyed an all you can eat breakfast at our hotel, then got ready and set out for the day. We took a tram to Buda, where we walked along the Yellow bridge and admired the views.

We walked around Buda, admired the parliament building and then headed up to Fishermans Bastian. The views were insane. Then we walked around the top of the castle, around the church and then headed down to walk across the chain bridge. 
We then decided to head to the icebar, it was freezing, naturally, but was fun and fairly cheap. The cocktails were all made with Hungarian liquor which I thought was ok, but Oli hated. 
After this we decided to go out for some food and headed to a restuarant called Galleria, went for some more drinks at Szimpla, then headed out to a Club called Instant with a couple we bumped into who we had shared a taxi with from the airport.

Day 3 // Monday

We tucked into Breakfast again then took the tram and metro to the Thermal spa at Szechenyi, which was amazing and so relaxing and pretty! We then explored the surrounding buildings. We then stopped nearby for some food at a restuarant, then headed back on the tram and visited the Budapest train station. We had super cheap drinks near our hotel in a traditional Hungarian bar, then finished the night once again in Szimpla, but not before stopping off a a tea bar called "The cave of the green turtle."

Day 4// Tuesday

Breakfast and home flights. sad times :((